5 Day Retreats

5-Day Ayahuasca Retreat

Our 5-day retreats run at the same time as 9-day retreats. You'll be joining the group either in the first or the second half of the retreat. We can also arrange 5-day retreats at other times for groups of 3 or more.


       5-Day Retreats Include:

  • 2 ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Plant baths : prepared using the leaves of plants that grow in our grounds (Ajos sacha , hierba santa , limon, pampa oregano , malba, hoja de guayaba)
    • Guided post -ceremony integration
    • Cleansing river baths
    • Simple and comfortable accommodation
    • Daily meals (vegetarians, vegans and other dietary requirements  accommodated)
    • Travel to and from the centre from Iquitos
    • Other Services offered:
    • Kambo Frog Medicine : 50 soles (with Luco's son Coco)
    • Hunting and camping trip: 50 soles (with Luco's son Jolker)