9 Day Retreats

9 Day Ayahuasca Retreat

Our 9 - day ayahuasca healing retreats allow you to undergo a process of healing with the support of Don Luco, his apprentices and facilitators. You will stay in simple but comfortable accommodation on the edge of the rainforest in the safety of our lodge.  Our lodge is a peaceful, communal setting for ayahuasca healing and transformational work. Guests stay in shared houses (individual or paired rooms depending on preference) and get to experience a taste of local Amazonian life living alongside Don Luco and family.  When you arrive you will be given a plant bath with leaves from the natural remedial plants that grow in our grounds to cleanse before beginning your ceremonies. Our guests cook a new batch of ayahuasca during retreat with us and collect the tree barks we use in our brew from the jungle with Don Luco and apprentices. This way everybody is able to put their own intentions in to the brew and be part of the whole process.  As well as ayahuasca ceremonies, we offer different activities in the surrounding area such as fishing and jungle walks, a trip to the local buffalo cheese family farm, and,  for an extra small fee, guests can also do Kambo frog medicine or go on a hunting/camping trip in the jungle with Luco's sons. Depending on people's needs and preferences and the skills of our facilitator and volunteers at the time of retreat, we also offer meditation, psychic energy readings, yoga, and massage. All activities are optional, including ayahuasca ceremonies, so you can follow your own journey with as much downtime as you need for rest, solitary reflection and inner work, as well as plenty of opportunities to bond with fellow “ayahuasceros” and explore the local area, including the river and rainforest on our doorstep.


         9-Day Retreats Include:

  • 4 ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Plant baths : prepared using the leaves of plants that grow in our grounds (Ajos sacha , hierba santa , limon, pampa oregano , malba, hoja de guayaba)
  •  Vegetalista Tree bark collection jungle trip
  • Ayahuasca cooking
  • Guided post -ceremony integration 
  • Boat trip 
  • Cleansing river baths
  • Simple and comfortable accommodation
  • Daily meals (vegetarians, vegans and other dietary requirements  accommodated)
    • Travel to and from the centre from Iquitos
    • Other Services offered:
    • Kambo Frog Medicine : 50 soles (with Luco's son Coco)
    • Hunting and camping trip: 50 soles (with Luco's son Jolker)