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About Dr Sanango

Don Luco is an expert vegetalista and ayahuascero with 25 years experience working with both foreign visitors and his local community in the Amazonian jungle town of Jenaro Herrera. Having worked in prestigious touristic centres in the region for many years, Luco decided to open his own centre in his home town with the help of his family and extended 'familia de la medicina'.  We are based at Don Luco's family home, a medicine lodge in Jenaro Herrera which was first opened to foreign visitors in 2008 under the name 'Infinite Light' and became Dr.Sanango in 2015. Jenaro Herrera sits on the banks of the Ucayali River, about 200km from the city of Iquitos, reachable by boat. The town is famous in the region for its strong tradition of vegetalismo shamanism using the wealth of medicinal plants that grow in the surrounding area. Don Luco and his shamanic group are experts of the forest and work with many rainforest plants besides ayahuasca, including the Master Plant Sanango. Luco learnt shamanic practice from a young age with the Master shaman Don Julio Llerena, a famous and powerful curandero in the region who was the Maestro of Don Luco's shamanic group and taught him along with his late brother Salis and Don Alberto Torres, Don Julio's main apprentices. The whole shamanic group still reside in Jenaro Herrera and the shamanic tradition is still being passed down the family line and being shared with the wider 'familia de la medicina'.  We aim to facilitate positive exchange and healing - preserving, sharing, and developing shamanic knowledge through our interaction with the international community, whilst working with and serving the local community in Jenaro Herrera as we grow.