Ayahuasca Healing


Primarily ayahuasca healing is spiritual healing. As Don Luco says, ayahuasceros are spiritual healers who work in the spirit realms to enact healings. Through healing the spirit and reconnecting with Spirit as ayahuasca enables, we can also heal emotional and physical issues.


Ayahuasca is a natural psychedelic medicine that detoxifies the body, mind and spirit. The effects are usually very powerful but experiences vary from person to person and ceremony to ceremony. The main effects of ayahuasca are:

Visions are a common aspect of the ayahuasca experience, although not always present. People experience visions of a personal nature including memories and possible futures, as well as of spirits of healing plants and natural landscapes, of bright colours and geometric patterns, and of other dimensions. Visions contain teachings that aid personal healing.


An ayahuasca ceremony involves purging on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. People purge in different ways, usually by vomiting (most common) or going to the toilet, often by sweating and also sometimes through shaking, crying, yawning and laughing. Although purging may sound unpleasant, it is usually not, as it brings a great sense of relief and lightness as physical tension and emotional baggage and blockages are released.


Ayahuasca is beneficial to overall health and well-being. Although the strong intention is encouraged when entering into ayahuasca ceremonies, you needn’t have specific conditions you want to heal in order to benefit from drinking Ayahuasca. Anyone who feels drawn to ayahuasca and ready to undergo ayahuasca healing should benefit from the experience.

 Therapeutic Uses

Ayahuasca heals by bringing deeply repressed emotions to the surface and elements of the subconscious to light through visions and sensations, allowing them to be let go. Scientific research and much anecdotal evidence suggests it is effective for the treatment of addiction and a wide range of mental illnesses and conditions including depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, OCD and anxiety.  See ‘Useful Resources’ for recent studies of ayahuasca – assisted therapy and the Research section of this website for information about research projects on-going at Dr.Sanango.

 Spiritual Growth

The ayahuasca experience takes us deep within ourselves so we come to know our inner self, whilst at the same time bringing an overwhelming sense of connectedness with the rest of the universe. Ayahuasca teaches through visions and realisations brought on by its ingestion and enables us to release negative energies and attachments.

People find a lasting sense of clarity, peace and balance with ayahuasca therapy and experience raised awareness of the spiritual dimensions of life. In this way, ayahuasca is a consciousness expanding substance that enables great spiritual growth.