Your Safety & Comfort

You will stay in simple and comfortable lodging in the safety of our property. Jenaro Herrera is a very safe and friendly village. Our family are well known and well respected so our visitors will be very welcome here. 

Visitors will be cared for by Luco and the rest of the family who are all experienced in plant medicine use, especially the Master Teacher Plants Ayahuasca and Sanango. We follow traditional codes of practice such as dietary restrictions and ritual and also modern recommendations relating to modern research. The retreat questionnaire we send all retreat applicants about intentions, medical history, and retreat preferences, is designed to ensure your health, safety and comfort during retreat. Luco and apprentices offer shamanic healing during and outside of ceremonies. We can treat most illnesses or medical issues that may arise with natural remedies but if need arises, we also have Western medical supplies on site and there is a hospital in town also. 

Our ceremonies usually take place in our forest maloca, which is a twenty - minute walk or ten - minute boat ride from the main lodge. The journey is easy and we help guests to carry anything they need. However, we also have a maloca at the lodge and use this for some ceremonies and for less able guests who cannot manage the walk.