Plant Dietas


We facilitate 8 – day shamanic dietas (9 day retreat with travel) with the experienced guidance of Don Luco and apprentices. As well as our specialist Sanango dietas with Master Teacher Plant Uchu or Chiric Sanango, we also facilitate dietas with other Plant Teachers in the region which are used by Don Luco and his shamanic group as part of their vegetalismo practice. If you are unsure which dieta you would like to do we can help you decide and formulate plant diets for individuals based on their personal needs.

Dietary Restrictions and Recommendations

  • Dietas take place in isolation or semi-isolation. This will be in a private room at our lodge.
  • Contact with other people and outside distractions are kept to a minimum for the duration of the diet. This allows you to connect with Plant Teachers and your inner nature through a period of peaceful introspection. During this transformational process the energetic as well as the physical body is fragile and should be protected from potentially harmful outside influences.
  • Salt, fat, sugar and spice are prohibited. Meals are plain consisting of rice, plantain, fish, eggs, yukka and chicken, as is traditional. We also provide lentils and beans, especially for vegetarians.
  • The use of any soaps, toothpaste, creams and deodorants is prohibited. This is to allow medicinal plants full access to the body and to enable toxins to be released. Only water can be applied to the skin, and sometimes herbal plant baths.
  • Regular bathing in water is essential to clean away residual toxins and maintain health.
  • Participation in ayahuasca ceremonies during dieta aids detoxification and healing.
  • Shamanic guidance and support is given throughout dietas. Luco and his apprentices administer dietas and are available for counsel.
  • A period of semi-dietary restrictions following the dieta is recommended (sex, chilli, alcohol and drugs)

Dietas Commonly Offered

Mixed Plant Dieta

Plant ‘tea’ is drunk each morning and evening for 8 consecutive days. Some of the plants that may be included in a shamanic plant dieta are:

Lupuna, huacapurana , capirona , tamamuri , ayahuma, remocaspi , shihuahuaco , pinshacaspi , bobinsana , sangrehuayo , azucarhuayo , cumaceba , doctorcaspi, uvos , catahua , huacapu, chullachaqui caspi, huayracaspi , punga , ikoha, cetico, tortuga caspi , uchu  and chiric sanango.

A shamanic plant dieta is deeply cleansing and purifying. It is a process of detoxification on all levels: mental, physical, and spiritual. Basic shamanic plant dietas do not usually cause discomfort or strong visionary effects but you may experience purging and vivid dreaming as your body and mind detoxifies. Shamanic dietas offer an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth. Commitment and dedication is greatly rewarded. These dietas can be done in conjunction with several ayahuasca ceremonies.

Ajo Sacha

Ajo Sacha is jungle garlic, a vine and leafy green plant that smells strongly like garlic. It is very good for cleansing physically and emotionally, increasing connection with self and spirit, and raising our vibration.  We have offered ajo sacha dietas since discovering a very rare ajo sacha vine 1000s of years old in the rainforest near our lodge, which sometimes produces beautiful white and purple petalled flowers. Due to its incredible age and size, it is much stronger than most ajo sacha plants. The diet consists of drinking an ajo sacha solution made from the bark of the root usually in the early hours of the morning, or the early hours of the night, for 3 – 5 days during the 8-day dieta, depending on individual needs and preference. Drinking the solution usually causes heavy vomiting and sweating initially, with gentle physical and emotional purging throughout the day or night. During the 8-days dieters follow the usual food restrictions (no salt, sugar, oil, chilli, meat, flavourings) whilst remaining in semi-isolation. Participants can drink ayahuasca two or three times towards the end of their dieta. Ajo Sacha is a powerful but gentle Teacher that guides us to self-forgiveness and acceptance. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and is used to treat arthritis and rheumatism as well as infections like flu, colds and pneumonia.