Shamanic Plant Dietas

Shamanic Dietas

Dietas are an integral part of true shamanic practice enabling practitioners to connect deeply with Master Plant Teachers. Traditionally shamans trek deep into the jungle alone, or with their Maestro, and diet with various plants for days, weeks, months or even years. When working with a single plant medicine, 8 days is usual.

Focused and prolonged isolation in nature and physical and spiritual dieta enables connection with the 'spirit doctors' of Master Plants and allows Master Plant medicines to be fully integrated into to the physical and energetic bodies. These transformational dietas are a key part of the shamanic apprenticeship, which enable apprentices to gain the protection and knowledge of their Plant Teachers and gain Plant and spirit "Allies" in their shamanic practice.

The main Master Plant Teacher or Ally that Don Luco and his shamanic group work with besides Mother Ayahuasca is Doctor Sanango. The Sanango diet for them is an integral part of shamanic initiation and continued practice. They diet with Sanango at least once every year to maintain this spiritual allegiance and progress along the shamanic path.

As well as being a strong spiritual guide, Sanango is a very strong plant remedy that can be utilised to heal a myriad of physical and emotional issues. It is often described as a "reset" for body and mind. It is with love and pleasure that we invite our visitors to experience the deep healing that a Sanango dieta can provide. 


Sanango Dietas

Sanango Family Dietas

A Sanango dieta is a tradition of shamanic initiation in the Upper Peruvian Amazon that must be undertaken to show commitment to the shamanic path. Sanango is also becoming recognised in the West as a powerful plant that provides intense physical cleansing, re-boots the immune system, aides the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, and has potential in the treatment of addiction amongst other debilitating conditions.

The dieta involves drinking a solution made from the bark of Sanango for the first three days, as prepared and administered by the Shaman at 3am each morning. The bark is soaked in water for several hours, then strained through a thick cloth. Sanango is hot and spicy as it goes down and is felt throughout the body, usually causing vomiting and diarrhoea soon after its ingestion. Strict dietary restrictions are followed for the duration of 8 day isolation and fewer restrictions for a further 30 days.


  • Dietas take place in isolation or semi-isolation. This will be in a private  room or house at our lodge.
  • Contact with other people and outside distractions are kept to a minimum for the duration of the diet. This allows you to connect with Plant Teachers and your inner nature through a period of peaceful introspection. During this transformational process the energetic as well as the physical body is fragile and should be protected from potentially harmful outside influences.
  • Salt, fat, sugar and spice are prohibited. Meals are plain consisting of rice, plantain, fish, eggs, yukka and chicken, as is traditional. We also provide lentils and beans, especially for vegetarians.
  • The use of any soaps, toothpaste, creams and deodorants is prohibited. This is to allow medicinal plants full access to the body and to enable toxins to be released. Only water can be applied to the skin, and sometimes herbal plant baths.
  • Regular bathing in water is essential to clean away residual toxins and maintain health.
  • Participation in ayahuasca ceremonies during dieta aids detoxification and healing.
  • Shamanic guidance and support is given throughout dietas. Luco and his apprentices administer dietas and are available for counsel.
  • You should not have sex, drink alcohol, take other drugs or medication or eat chilli for at least 3 weeks following your 8 day Sanango dieta.
  • You should not eat pork for 6 months after a Sanango dieta.
  • Failing to follow dietary restrictions can have adverse effects.

Uchu and Chiric Sanango

There are two kinds of Sanango that we work with: Uchu and Chiric. We facilitate both Uchu and Chiric Sanango dietas and will help individuals decide which is right for them. Here is a brief overview of both.

Uchu Sanango

Doctor Sanango or Abuelo (Grandfather) Sanango is the spirit of Uchu Sanango. He is often seen in visions during dieta. He is a strict but compassionate teacher that brings us knowledge of our deepest fears and insecurities through visions, dreams, and insights. Uchu Sanango is a strong Master Plant, which is believed to protect from negative energies. It is a powerful Master Plant Ally for Shamans who encounter much negative energy in shamanic practice, and indeed for anyone who encounters negative energy in everyday life. Uchu Sanango is an incredible treatment for body aches and pains and other physical issues, and also aides in addiction treatment as western science supports. During an Uchu Sanango dieta you will purge on all levels and emerge stronger, and feeling more balanced with emotional and physical strength that will last beyond your dieta as you continue to benefit from Doctor Sanango’s guidance.

Chiric Sanango

Chiric Sanango opens the heart and cleanses the mind. Like Uchu, Chiric Sanango teaches through the visions, dreams and insights its ingestion induces, but the effects are usually felt more strongly. Chiric acts on the mind more than the body and is said to be a stricter teacher than Uchu. Chiric Sananago is very effective at treating any issue or illness relating to the nervous system, as western research supports. It usually causes chills, giving it its name ‘chiric’ and is used to treat fever traditionally. Dieters will experience strong physical and emotional purging throughout this diet. A chiric sanango dieta is a powerful experience that can lead to greatly improved physical and mental health.