Vegetalismo Shamanism


Vegetalistas are medicine men who work with vegetales in the Amazon rainforest to enact healing. Don Luco and his son Jolker are expert vegetalistas with incredible knowledge of the wealth of rainforest trees and plants in the Amazon and their different remedial uses. The Master shaman of their group was the late Don Julio Llerena, a powerful and well-known shaman in the region who learnt his shamanic practice directly from the plants and taught Don Luco along with his late brother Salis and Don Alberto Torres, the current Maestro of our shamanic group. Vegetalistas learn from Plant Teachers through dieting with them for long periods of time in the forest. This includes the Sanango root, the barks of different trees and vines. These plant Teachers become allies in their shamanic practice whom they can call upon to heal their patients.

Don Luco and our shamanic group refer to themselves as vegetalistas and ayahuascero paleros (palo meaning wood). Because of their expertise, our ayahuasca brew includes 10-  20 different tree barks, and always the root sanango, as well as the key ingredients ayahuasca and chacruna. This powerful mixture provides deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing and can be adjusted with the use of specific trees and plants to suit individual needs.