Vine of Souls

Vine of Souls

Ayahuasca, meaning “vine of souls” or “vine of the dead” in Quechua is the “Mother Medicine” of the Amazon. Ayahuasca is the name given to the brew from the ayahuasca vine, its main component. It is an extremely powerful plant brew with strong psychedelic effects that have been used for shamanic healing for hundreds, possibly thousands of years.

Ayahuasca is usually experienced in ceremonies as an anaconda and/or beautiful, powerful female spirit. She is a teacher of spiritual knowledge and healer of negative energies in the body, also known as “La Purga” in Peru due to the strong physical cleansing effects of the brew.

Knowledge of this Master Plant Teacher has been passed down through generations of Amazonian healers and is now being shared with a growing global community. Many argue that the recent globalisation of Ayahuasca is a Divine intervention to provide urgent spiritual healing to humanity in this time of great global crisis.

Ayahuasca Brew

The key ingredients in the ayahuasca brew are the ayahuasca vine and the chacruna plant, or similar species. Chacruna contains DMT, a powerful psychedelic substance endogenous to humans, many plants, and perhaps it is believed, all living things. It is released by the pineal gland in the human brain during dreaming, birth, and death. DMT is usually inactive when ingested but ayahuasca prevents its breakdown in the stomach so its effects can be felt. How this recipe was discovered from over 50,000 species of rainforest plants is incredible! Many Amazonian people say the plant spirits told them how to make the ayahuasca plant brew.

As a vegetalista, or medicinal plant expert, Don Luco has developed his ayahuasca to include 10-20 medicinal plants, their bark and/or leaves. Each ayahuasca brew is slightly different and can be made according to individual and group needs. Some of the plants that may be included in the ayahuasca brew are:

•Lupuna , huacapurana , capirona , tamamuri , ayahuma, remocaspi , shihuahuaco , pinshacaspi , bobinsana , ikoha , cumala , tortuga, doctorcaspi, uvos , catahua , huayracaspi, chullachaqui caspi, punga , cetico, ajo sacha, ucho and chiric sanango.

These grow in our grounds or in the rainforest near the lodge. We go to collect the tree barks with all of our groups and cook the ayahuasca brew with them.