Your visit

Your Visit


Getting here

We will arrange to meet you in Iquitos to travel to the lodge. Iquitos is the biggest city in the world not reachable by road! You can get there by plane (from Lima, Tarapoto or Pucallpa) or by boat (from Yurimaguas or Pucallpa). Airport pickup can be arranged by request if you prefer, but travel to the city centre by motor taxi is easy. We recommend you get to Iquitos a couple of days before your retreat giving yourself time to settle, perhaps visit the market for last minute supplies, and prepare for your retreat. There are many hostels and hotels in Iquitos, which we can recommend.

You can either travel to our lodge by longboat or speedboat. Guests usually travel together to the lodge by rapido (speedboat) taking 4 hours and costing 80 soles. The coach to the rapido leaves everyday at 12 noon so we will arrange to meet you and help you to the office for 11.30am. Alternatively, you can take the lancha (long boat), a large cargo boat used by locals that takes you on a long scenic journey on the River Amazon in hammocks. The journey is an experience in itself! The lancha leaves between 1 and 4pm most days and takes approximately 14 hours, travelling overnight. We will help you to the boat and a helper also usually accompanies guests for the journey. The price of the lancha is 25 soles. Whichever option you choose Luco and the retreat facilitator will be there to meet you at the port in Jenaro Herrera and take you to the lodge in motor – taxis.


What to bring

We have almost everything you need here, including rubber boots to borrow, a towel, and some natural mosquito repellent for guests to share. You only must bring some personal items with you:


protective clothing - that covers you to protect from mosquitoes!

headlamp/ torch - can be purchased from Belen Market in Iquitos, necessary for ceremonies (preferably with red light function)

sandals/ suitable shoes for the camp (Crocs are great too!)

comfortable clothes for ayahuasca ceremonies

swimwear - we bathe in the river after ceremonies, most of the locals wear shorts and tank tops so anything you can swim in is ok

Recommended Items

spare batteries - AAA for your headlamp

natural insect repellent - this is highly recommended (we have limited supplies to share but its great if you can bring your own)

waterproof trousers/ shorts - for the rainforest

yoga matt - we currently have a few matts

candles (electricity goes out after 10pm)

journal - journaling is a good way to reflect on ceremonies

books- you may wish to read during your down-time, especially esoteric/ self-help/ spiritual books. We have a selection here though, which you are welcome to borrow during your stay, and also welcome donations to our collection if you would like to lighten your load

natural toiletries - toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant etc.

*We like to keep the camp chemical free as far as possible so would be grateful if you could use only natural products. This is also preferable for your detoxification and cleansing. However, we are aware it is not always easy to find natural products. You can find some natural products in Iquitos and we can give you a simple natural soap bar.

lighters - not very reliable in Peru! so always useful to have

hammock - we have some more at the Lodge, but you can never have too many hammocks! Hammocks can be purchased at Belen Market.

Mapacho - Mapacho are traditional jungle tobacco 'cigarettes', which the Shaman (and participants if they wish) smoke during ayahuasca ceremonies. You can buy basic or flavoured mapacho from Belen Market in Iquitos. We have a big supply here but get through them pretty fast! Should you want to smoke mapacho outside of ceremonies we recommend you bring your own.